Love, Love, Love

I can’t quite figure it out, especially given my aptitude for common sense, but I am a total sucker for Valentines Day.  Regardless of the hype, the cheap commercializing and the potential for depression inducing disasters….I’m good with a day dedicated to the big “L”.  Truthfully, it is the one force of life that drives me, and while it is disturbing to see it trivialized into saccharin lifetime movie moments (and I like those too), I know better.  Love is a colossal force, and one that will bring our humanity to its greatest form.  Yet, when wielded simply it also makes an impact…I do think it’s important to extend the phrase, and add something special to those I come in contact with on this day because you just never know how much someone may need to hear it.  There are also little traditions at my house every year, but most importantly it is the gesture that says, “I do love you and I am glad you are in my life even though it feels like being sucked into a worm hole much of the time”.  As crazy as my house gets, I can rest in the comfort that they do know that they are loved…even if it is imperfectly.   I also know that while the day might be painful to the broken hearted…that fact that we’ve all been there should make us all mindful to reach out to others with kindness and give them hope for the future.

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