I am a Conundrum

I know this picture looks gross, but it seemed a perfect visual to describe my psyche these days.  Last weekend I was at a charity ball that took place on the McDonald’s complex, or “Hamburger U” as some call it.  It was a formal affair, and this is my paparazzi picture of the night.  After an elegant dinner, auction and dancing…these hamburglar types came out of the kitchen at 11:30 carrying trays of McD’s cheeseburgers.  So here I am, still gluten-free, eating a cheeseburger without the bun…no matter how hard I try to put my elegant on, I will always be the girl with the big mouth.  Actually, I was posing for that picture and that big bite on the left?  That would be my husband’s mouth.  Since I had to pull extra work at a McDonald’s in college, I haven’t been able to look at them since…It was just so funny, this serious and fancy ball raising money for this great charity and everyone has their uptight on.  Those cheeseburglars turned the mood around in a matter of seconds.  It got crazy after that.

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