This past Sunday, I made an unusual venture to the Mall of America to look for a dress for the charity gala Steve and I are attending in Chicago this upcoming weekend.  I hate shopping.  I mean hate in the kind of way that I would do pretty much anything else…laundry, taxes, a marathon, the dentist, etc.  But, I needed a dress so I went with the group of women who are also making the trek down to Chicago, and seasoned shoppers, to the Mall of America.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this modern marvel (tongue in cheek) according to Wikipedia, it is the most visited and largest mall in the United States.  I had the same feeling about going to the MOA, as it’s called, as I did seeing the movie, “The exorcist”  It is just too damn big, with too damn many people and while no one’s head spun around there was spewing of some pea like substance in the food court.  We ended up in Nordstrom’s where the aunt of one of my friends was a personal shopper.   After a having had a brief conversation the week before about our body types…she even knew what I meant when I said “troll-like”…she had dressing rooms ready with dresses all ready to try on.  Here we were, four women in a large room in our “spanks” trying on evening wear.  I was a bit horrified at what she pulled for me, but in the end they looked spectacular on.  It was relatively painless until we went out into the “Mall” portion of the store.  It is a taste of just how many people there are in this world.  Since it is an international shopping hub, there are all sorts of languages being spoken…and they come just to shop.  It made me go into my cocoon just a bit, to think of how much consumerism was going on around me.  It was hard to image that the economy is suffering, because it certainly didn’t feel like it.  I was glad to get back outside into the fresh air and natural light…and the relative quiet compared to the noises inside.  I haven’t changed my mind about shopping, I still hate it, but at the gala this weekend…I’m gonna look good.

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