Kiss my….

Ok, no…I don’t wear a thong, this really was a picture taken in jest, but this is my attitude this week.  I wish I could throw all propriety aside, and tell certain people to just kiss my ass and be done with it.   I know there is a petulant child crawling up my subconscious with razor like fingers just dying to scream at the top of her lungs non stop until the madness stops.   The details of the dishonesty, poor judgement, bad business I’ve faced as of late both inspire my tendency to don a cape and crush them with my super power mouth which can spew viperous wit faster than any known human, and want to break down in tears and get a job at the mall selling really awesome shoes.   But, the higher self part of me still remains in control for the time being…although if you ask my thirteen year old he still might describe my higher self as ten kinds of crazy. 

There are many lessons to be learned in the midst of this American crisis, and how to better one’s finger-pointing shouldn’t be one of them.  We are all culpable for our own part in this mess no matter how miniscul…just by the nature of our citizenship no one gets off the hook.  I’m reminded by the wise words of Jesus when he said, those of you who have no sin can throw the first stone.  Imperfection is messy….and as far as I can tell, this country is still one great imperfect experiment.   But we’re still here, and my hope is that if we quit trying to find a scape goat and share the difficulty of fixing our mess, things will get better.  Its starts with each individual accepting responsibility for their own behavior, from problem solving to kindness, from accepting hard lessons to having hope that it will get better.

At the moment, however, after cleaning my own daily closet,  I just want to say those who don’t….to just kiss my ass.

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