Working Hard

I know I’m showing the signs of my age, but I do think it’s important to continue to exercise and work hard at least three times a week.  One of my indulgences is a class called “Body Pump.”  It’s creator is Les Mills, and that is all I will say about that, except it has been a great way to stay fit and toned.  I love the people who are willing to tough this fifty-five minutes with me three times a week.  They have become great friends and an even greater support system to keep going during those times when my body feels it’s age.  Face it, age isn’t something we can avoid… the marsupial like quality of my abdomen is vivid proof, but we can delay the effects of time by exercising, eating healthy foods and getting enough rest.  Besides getting regular chiropractic adjustments, I have eliminated most gluten from my diet because of how it can increase inflammatory diseases  in our bodies.   I also make sure to supplement with a good multivitamin; CoQ10, an enzyme the helps rebuild healthy cells and; Moxxor, a high quality omega fatty acid and antioxidant.  These simple choices have made all the difference in staying healthy and fit.  Seeing so many people who struggle with health issues that are much younger than I am keeps me grateful, even with my own challenges.  I don’t take enough time to be thankful for my health.  Today, even with all my imperfections, I am grateful.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    Love your blog and read it regularly. I just went gluten-free about a month ago (nutritionist recommended it to help with bad exczema on my hands). She also had me cut out dairy. The results seem pretty modest and I’ve been craving Punch pizza – do you have some favorite things you go to when you want something glutinous? There is a pizza place down the street that has gluten-free crust but with no dairy, it doesn’t feel much like pizza! I’ve been able to maintain my sushi addiction by carrying gluten free soy sauce (I just found small packets I could order – I’m so excited) but with the modest results, I’m tempted to cave!!! How long have you been gluten free? There are some foods I love – the Udi’s bread and the tinki-yada rice noodles are great.

    Have you felt better since ditching the gluten?

    Hope you are very well!

    1. I was feeling so crappy lately, that upon the suggestion of my husband, who does alot of metabolic testing, I took a test, (DNA) and found out that I have the celiac gene, but am just gluten intolerant at this point. I, too, am soy and cow’s milk intolerant as well. I love the “Bill’s redmill gluten free products and get most of my gluten free stuff at Kowalski’s market…they have a great gluten free pretzels (red bag, can’t remember the brand) that are great. For my pizza, I use goat cheese, which doesn’t seem to upset my stomache like cheese from cow’s milk, the redmill crust…my kids didn’t even notice. As for milk in baking, I use goat’s milk for savory cooking and almond or rice milk for sweet baking. I also buy the sweet potato and beet chips for my salt cravings. There is so much more gluten free available. I even googled gluten free candy on Halloween and was surprised how many choices (especially chocolate) I had. I have found the change less dramatic than I anticipated, but still miss it once in awhile. I have noticed a diffence with my health, I’m not so inflamed, and puffy…and I dropped about 15 pounds. Steve thinks the weight loss is because my body is functioning so much more effieciently now. All in all, it is a much healthier choice to eat

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