The Crown Jewels

I wish the general public…I know it is a very broad and innocuous phrase…but I wish they would value their own biology more.  We have plenty of commentary about healthcare in this office and my responses are getting more and more simple.  Until we value our health above our pocket books, nothing will ever change.  One of my professor’s, during my master’s program in organizational leadership, said that the true purpose of every organization defines the path it follows.  When I asked him about the word “true” he gave a smile and said that the true purpose of many organizations have nothing to do with what is written down on paper.  So my true purpose for health care is to treat our bodies and health like they were the crown jewels.   I have asked countless people to tell me what their health means to them and they give me a blank stare a lot of the time.  Some smirk and comment that it depends on how much it will cost.  But we all pay anyway really…whether in higher insurance premiums, lower quality of life or a shorter life.  The bulk of the responsibility is on each individual’s shoulders.  I’m tired of the political infighting, because their purpose has nothing to do with our health, but their own political agenda.  Everyone is trying to pass the buck, it seems…and it shouldn’t be that way.  There should be protection for health events no one could plan for.  No family should go bankrupt because of a doctor’s bill.  But horrible bad choices are part of it too, and all the excuses that come with it.  We’ve become a people of rationalizations and although I’m not perfect, it is exhausting to listen to the excuses.  I’m sick of it.  And I know you’re sick of me talking about it.  Truthfully, I have hope that we will figure it out.  But it won’t be cheap and we will all have to pay…so suck it up people and take charge of your crown jewels,  health is priceless

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