The First Storm

Today we had the first thunderstorm of the year.  At the first roar of thunder, I literally jumped and my first thought was that something must have fallen off a truck, meaning that it had been such a long time since I had actually heard thunder that it wasn’t listed in the area of familiar sounds in my brain any more.  I just wasn’t used to how much louder mother nature is when the weather gets warm.  I chuckled a bit to think that I will have to get used to the sounds of spring and life again.  Boy am I ready.  The ghostly pallor I wear just doesn’t suit me anymore.  I want to open my windows again and hear sounds of life instead of the continual low moan of the furnace all the time.  While March weather usually brings a spring blizzard here, I can tell you given that most of the snow is already gone, the likelihood of that happening diminishes every day.  I don’t care how cold I get the winter coats got put away!

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