Doing the Snoopy Dance

Like Van Cliburn hands caressing the piano, like Picasso caressing a canvas, like a potter and their clay, my new memory foam mattress caressed me into sleep last night!  Once I took apart my old mattress (it was a sleep number) and my new one inflated enough…meaning the mattress came compressed, and rolled up in a tube that literally fit in my car…I literally did the snoopy dance around my bedroom.  At first when I opened it I almost cried thinking it wasn’t what I thought it would be, thankfully I checked the website that I bought it from ( and it told me it would expand to it’s full 14 inches over a few hours, which it did.  Just climbing into it the first time was like walking into a hug.  After waiting for months, I finally feel like  those great nights of sleep and vivid dreaming that I used to enjoy will become the norm again.  I literally can’t wait to go to bed at night and hunker down for some much needed R&R.  I woke up without the soreness and ache in my back that I had become used to.  Even though it wasn’t really in our budget, since sleeping does take up 1/3 or our lives, and I was missing out on quite a fraction of that, it became one of those things you throw out to the universe to cover, it is my prayer that she will respond kindly. 

It has been awhile since I danced the Snoopy dance, and I laughed to think it was all because of a mattress.  I hope this isn’t indicitive of days to come where I get so crotchety that I dance for a great bowel movement….ok, I won’t have to worry about that for quite a few years.  It is interesting to see what makes me dance though…

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