If I had a Million Dollars

So, I was thinking the other day amidst a crisis of more money needing to go out than coming in, what I would do if someone gave me a million dollars.  The easy answer would be to pay off all my debt and go on vacation…except given that my karmic turnaround defies the space-time continuum, I decided against that option….because avoiding the lesson presented would pretty much guarantee my standing in the exact pathway of a rogue comet and certain obliteration before the money even hit my account.  So, given that I am not the only one suffering from a lack of abundance these days, (with the exception of a handful of billionaires) I would take the money and put together a common sense tour to help this country come back to reality, you know shed some light on all the shadows on the wall that are entrenching the populus into the delusion that the mess we are in is someone else’s fault.

I would hire the smartest people I could find, in a variety of fields…without any political or financial ties, and a history of great problem solving, philanthropy and altruism and send them around the country…on a bus, and teach people the basic fundamentals of working together to solve our problems.  Really?!?! you may ask…and yes, really I mean that with all my heart.  Devisiveness is at an all time high, and I think we all could benefit from being schooled.  They would teach and empower the populace to work together to make their communities work.  They wouldn’t get defensive if people got angry, or care if people didn’t like them when they used their considerable intelligence and expertise to tell them what they needed to hear instead of what they wanted to hear.  They would stand undaunted if the people called them names or questioned their patriotism.  They would alleviate the fear that is building up in the world about our future by rolling up their sleeves and walking side by side with those who came to them for help without the political favor.  More than anything they would set an example of how great thinkers who differ in their approach to a problem can still support compromise.  They would show people  it does indeed take a variety of vantage points to find the best solutions and often time success demands change, and sacrifice.

And as much as it would make me crazy, this group of great thinkers must include a variety of  perspectives, because more than anything we are losing the ability to be accountable, factual, rational and responsible.  There is too much finger-pointing, blame and arrogance that one particular vantage point is the only one true and correct vision.  Our great thinkers would have to know that extremism can’t solve our problems because of the frailty of human perspective.  All of us are limited to our own personal experiences and as a result have a very limited world view.  These great thinkers would know that and learn to appreciate the wisdom that others bring to the table and be better for it. 

I know that I need help to get out of the struggle that I am in.  I am a woman of faith who has the freedom of self-determination, and the grace of God to give me the personal strength to walk forward.  But I also am aware of my own limitations.  I need leaders who I can trust….and I don’t trust politicians today.  In the most blunt way, I despise them, almost all of them.  They are self-promoting  ego-maniacal despots who play on the need of many to point fingers and place the blame on everyone else but themselves and then stand behind God and the constitution as justification.  They stand rigidly in a singular ideology refusing to recognize that we live in a world of diversity.  I know it is easy to place blame with those who are charged with solving our present problems….especially when they are elected to do so.  I won’t blame them for imperfect solutions, because this mess is too far-reaching and old to be solved without collateral damage.  I do blame them for refusing to try, for refusing to compromise, for venomous rhetoric, for setting us up for failure to prove a point, and throwing the most vulnerable under the bus….so they can pat themselves on the back and say “I told you so.”    One group didn’t create the mess, as much as the body politico would like us to believe it did.  One group won’t fix it either.  We all have to work for this change.

Maybe my goal for the common sense tour is to simply bring the ordinary man and woman to a point of consciousness where they would better able to recognize good leadership and understand that the best leader isn’t the one who promises to “fix” our problems, but is there in the forefront to walk fearless and strong with us into the unknown future . More than anything, though…like a the human body, we all have different parts to play, all essential for proper functioning.  All of us can do this job together.  We must do it together, without one part of the body claiming their greater portion, just like Jesus said.  Perhaps when people understand this, I would have real hope for my future and the future of generations beyond me.

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