I’ve been soul-searching for a while now.  In this time of great unease and restlessness it is easy to fall prey to doomsday thinking.  The media doesn’t help with its chicken little attitude.  For me it begins and ends with faith.  When I look at the unrest in the world, I do have faith that America can once again take the lead in bringing us back to stability.  How we get there is going to be a challenge, it’s nice to have one thing we can all agree on.  But I also believe that the journey should depict the end result…we can”t engage in the kind of juvenile behavior that I see when it comes to politics.  None of us would tolerate the behavior we’ve seen in Washington in our own children.  In the recall elections here in Wisconsin, one super-pac group sent absentee ballots to their opposing side with a bogus address and incorrect date.  I find that behavior reprehensible.  If they had real faith in their candidate, they wouldn’t need the kind of nefarious ghouls that spend their days thinking up that kind of crap.  I can co-exist with different ideologies, but I won’t tolerate that kind of moral depravity…winning by any means simply means you’re not qualified to represent the America I want to live in.  I can agree to disagree, struggle to see a multitude of vantage points, and work for compromise if and only if our elected leaders  can carry themselves with the kind of integrity and leadership that is necessary to build a better future.

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