Hell has frozen over

I found this picture on Google images, and it pretty much sums up how I felt about this last snow storm….Just when I get my green on, hell has to go ahead and freeze over.  I didn’t stop muttering under my breath until I could see my driveway again, which was awhile.  Normally, I try to make the best of it…I really do, but between the unbelievable amount of snow we’ve gotten this year, and the cold, and the pneumonia, for the first time I think I may have reached my limit.  I was teetering very closely to the edge of pessimism turning me forever into one of those “glass half empty” people.  And then I turned on the news, and compared to Japan, or Haiti, or Chile, Libya New Zealand I should be dancing with Rainbows coming out my butt because I am lucky that my family, home and town is in tact.  The much needed moment of humility passed when both my son’s, home for a snow day,  came charging up the stairs ruining my momentary respite and the ensuing fight revolving around who was in control of the remote brought me back to the brink of despair.  I glared at them and took away the remote and returned my gaze to the growing threat of radiation in Japan, for some odd reason it was less stressful than two myopic teenagers.  They both realized the error of their ways too late and retreated quickly to make a plan to get the remote back…(which I held ransom for most of the afternoon…I didn’t tell them where it was until all the chores were done,  hehehe)

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