Mirror, mirror

Something about the cold weather, a balmy -30 degrees (without windchill) farenheit shocks me from any and all illusions that might be hovering around my consciousness.  While I was listening to the news this morning, besides bemoaning the fact that although school was cancelled for my sons while I still had to be to work at 6:45 a.m., I got even more irritated after listening to politicians from both sides of the aisle staking their moral ground in reference to the general demonic state of China, whether it be human rights issues or the tremendous deficit.  Seriously, before we throw stones…we really should look in a mirror at the human rights violations committed on our own soil, and the vast amounts of malfeasance that occurs in business and politics in America.  I am astounded at the grappling for a moral high ground that is being done and at the same time cringe at the karmic backslash that will happen if we don’t start embracing a sense of public humility.  The best way to stand for justice is to show the world first and foremost how well we can address our own American flaws instead of looking beyond our own American reflection to some other country less clearly visible. 

For the majority leaders of our house and senate…You should have been at the State dinner with China.  Don’t pretend somehow that you’re free from culpability by not rubbing elbows with sinners, that somehow you’re better or had more important things to do.  Be men, and face the fact that this country did in fact dance with what you think is a devil.  Otherwise you sound like my children who are oh so willing to point the finger somewhere else.

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