Let it Snow…

We certainly have had our share of winter this year, as have many other places around the country.  There is one benefit to living in the cold north woods, and the is the “meh” that comes with snowstorms.  To most of us who grew up here, we just deal with it.  We make sure we hit the grocery store and gas station the day before and simply hunker down.  The hard part during the holiday storms was that most of us were forced to move against our hibernating tendencies and actually go outside and socialize and in some instances travel…without the John Deere tractor.  I don’t actually have a “cool” outdoor wardrobe…mine is far too functional and I end up looking like a total dork, warm but a dork nonetheless.  I know I’ve said this in the past, but I have a gianormous head…so I rarely wear a hat, except for these storms sort of demanded it.  So to draw the attention away from my melon, I got the BEST BOOTS EVER!!!!  They’re uggs, and my feet are the warmest and most stylish in the neighborhood these days.  I just want to stay outside all the time.  They take the focus off my head and voila…I’m stylin!  even with a hat.  So let it snow, I’m ready for ya!

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