Never say Can’t

I had a bit of an arguement with my son the other day when I told him that he should never say the word “can’t” because since he doesn’t know the future, he shouldn’t shut out any possiblilities.  Rather than just accept the wisdom of his mother, he had to come up with different scenarios to prove that some things are indeed not possible, like “I can’t go for a walk, I’m in a wheelchair”  To which I responded, “I would say, I certainly could roll with you, or even better, I may not be able to take a walk today, but given how fast technology is creating solutions, I could take a rain check for a later date when I can walk again…”  I kept doing shit like that over and over until he got really frustrated.  I just told him that if you say you can’t you won’t.  Most often people say they can’t do something not because is impossible, but they don’t want to believe something is possible, or it just feels too hard.  I think alot of it has to do with the kind of faith you have in possiblility too.  When you surround yourself with negative people who constantly tell you that you can’t do something it becomes easy to believe it or live that way.  I’m glad I was born with the Pollyanna gene.  Life is so much more interesting when anything is a possibility.  I will also say this, the road to most possibilities are often the least traveled, long and winding and not always clear cut.  But it is an adventure…and so much better than standing still.

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