An Open Road

open roadIt took me a bit to think of how to issue in 2014.  I despise platitudes and resolutions, like somehow they mark a beginning, a fresh start that isn’t connected to what has flowed from the past.  Not to be negative, but I think there are enough illusions in the world, so I refuse to begin with pretense.  So I offer this:  the road for this year is wide open, if I choose to see it, no subterfuge, no distractions, no excuses.  I will walk forward, setting down baggage that weighs me down, that is unnecessary for the completion of the journey.  Jesus said his yoke is easy and the burden light.  This year I will try to take him at his word…to see through the deceptive fog that would entice me be to believe that I don’t have what it takes, that would direct me off the path, that would sway me from my destination, wherever that may be. The road is open, and that is good.

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