Being Thankful

This past 10 days I put my “practice what I preach” hat and went to the wall to help.  The details are immaterial, but suffice it to say, that giving without strings attached isn’t always easy.  I never questioned whether or not I would help, I added conditions which I felt made the arrangement more just…only to find that one person’s interpretation of the condition is not the same…even when they are laid out in the most elementary, I’m almost embarrassed to make this so simple, kind of way.  But hey, even I can roll with that.  After living in crazy town where much of what I say gets twisted into such unrecognizable statements that even I would despise me, if I actually said what they claim I said, I’ve learned not to take things so seriously.  What boiled down my compassion to the blackest tar, was the complete lack of gratitude and thankfulness at what was quite a sacrifice.  What ever happened to uttering the words “thank-you.”  Are those in need so entrenched in their own misery that they will snap at the hand that will help them because you are in a standing position and they are not?  I felt judged for having worked hard for the life I have, like I had no right to complain about anything…given that life in crazy town is so perfect.  I did voice my opinion that while, not everyone is dealt an even hand, it is how you strive afterwards that makes all the difference…and if you never. strive. at. all. you shouldn’t expect any results period.  I did get preachy for a moment and shared this little tidbit…”If you give a man a fish, he eats for one day.  If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”  What I can’t do, is try and make someone learn… that is not possible.  That was the hardest thing about giving without conditions…even a simple thank-you.  I am reminded, however, to keep expressing gratitude every day.

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