A lot of Perspective

Remember the movie, “Freaky Friday,”  the Lindsay Lohan version (before she fell into a life of crime) when the mom and daughter characters switch bodies for a while and learn a valuable lesson about perspective?  None of us want to admit that our viewpoint is limited, or at times blindingly flawed.  I’m sure most people…ok me…thinks the rest of world is delusional much of the time, and while I don’t deny that I still may be right about the general tenure of crazy town, I do need my perspective to download an update once in a while.  It is good to try to see the world through broader and wider perimeters on occasion, especially to make sure my own particular boundaries aren’t being arbitrarily created by a proverbial “they” out in the world.  I think the Dr Suess childhood classic “Sneeches” is still the best illustration of how we can be duped into discrimination and prejudice, and the amount of money that can be made on the resulting discord.  (think plain and star bellied sneetches).   How often are we told to support an idea or a cause because it is what “good” people do, or it is the “right” thing to do, and then if one doesn’t conform they are ostracized?  Categorizing ideas and people should never be that easy, but it happens all the time.  I know it is worse in times of economic and political stress, but that is the time when true leaders need to rise and not only calm our fears but challenge us to open our eyes even wider than we ever thought possible.  Discrimination and prejudice can take many forms, it isn’t just about race.  So today, I am thoughtful of all the different kinds of sneetches in the world and taking a moment to try and see the world from another perspective.

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