Red Feathers

Last night I dreamed of pulling out a red feathered fan out of a clear pool of water.  The symbols are clear to me, something good is rising from my subconscious.  It’s the conscious world that weighs me down these days.  Today, I feel more like I’m standing in a long water line simply passing a bucket forward…long, repetitive , back-breaking and boring.  I’m sure the heavy lifting is part of a great task somewhere down the line…but right now, it is exhausting to walk in my shoes and I simply want to abdicate any and all part of everything I’m doing right now.  The dream encourages me to keep moving forward, because much of life is the slow rhythmic tedium of passing a bucket.  We often celebrate those great moments, but it is important to remember that they don’t just happen, but are preceded by a lot of work.

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