What Seems So Obvious

Yesterday, a couple of my girlfriends and I went into Minneapolis to shop for a Greek meal we are preparing on Saturday night.  I had to squeeze it into my lunch hour, and given that I live at least an hour from this international market, it was a tight squeeze.  Because I was late getting back, my friend said she’d drive by my house and put my share of the groceries in my fridge.  The rest of the day was busy, and as the family was watching American Idol (yes, I know it’s provincial, but since I can’t sing it’s fun to watch, plus it’s fun to make fun of all the drama)  I looked over and saw my husband was eating a big salad.  It suddenly dawned on my that since my friend had dropped off the food, I didn’t have a chance to 1) hide the non-perishables and, 2) put sticky notes with bold sharpy printing that stated DON’T EAT THIS FOOD on it.  I asked innocently, “I hope you didn’t touch the food I bought for Greek night…cause you know I drove two hours for that stuff.”  The guilty look on his face sent me running downstairs with him yelling in the background, “I only took a couple of olives”  Which in Steve speak means that he picked out all but one or two olives and left all the feta cheese.  At this point I would have relished being wrong, seriously I would have loved the opportunity to spew mea culpa’s for jumping to conclusions, but I know him too well.  Sure enough there was maybe 5 olives left and all the cheese cubes.  What I tried to convey, is the phrase “well I didn’t know” holds no water whatsoever.  He certainly knew where I had gone over lunch, and why I did it.  So what did he think what would happen when a central element was GONE?  Perhaps it’s wrong to think that applying simple logic would work.  My boys, when presented with something unusual in our refrigerator, always ask “what is this for?”  Not so for the big guy, because in his world, any and all food is fair game, even if it’s in someone else’s refrigerator.  On the sad day that he passes away, they should put this on his tombstone, “If you had a sense of integrity and a full refrigerator he was your friend.”

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