The Eyes Have It

I think that often times, we don’t see the world as clearly as we should.  Although is is certainly understandable why that is.  So often our perception is clouded by the baggage we carry from our past and all the stories of deception that we’re surrounded by.   There have always been snake oil salesmen types, but in the past they were so much easier to spot.  In today’s world with the ability to steal identities and rob someone in cyber space without any human connection or recognition whatsoever, it makes it that much easier to create an environment of fear and suspicion.  That is one reason I left my old blog site, there were some that invaded my privacy and my writing.  I don’t like to build connections with people I can’t see.  For me, being able to look into someone’s eyes is of the utmost importance.  Face to face, it is so much easier to garner truthfulness and I think so much harder to lie.  I think that’s why I hate talking on the phone so much, because I can’t see the eyes of the person I’m talking to.  I was told as a child that the eyes are the window to the soul, and I think there is some truth to that.  People who refuse to make eye contact are either highly protective or deceptive…time and contact is the only way to differentiate between the two.  So while the electronic world is good for some things, building trust isn’t one of them.  For now, the eyes have it.

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