Free Falling

Last year I had a dream, the only one in which I remember having a converstation with God…surprisingly enough it was a male voice, deep and low, patient and wise.  I so thought I was more gender neutral, oh well.  Anyway, I was inside an amusement park water ride, standing knee deep in water inside a tunnel, with pants and shoes on, so I’m crabby to begin with because water rides with clothes on are stupid, and shouldn’t I really be in a boat?  The answer came quickly when an empty boat stopped along side, and God’s voice said, “Get in.”   Of course I knew it was God in my dream, so I complied without complaint right away.  As I got situated the boat turned a corner and went through an opening into a huge waterpark.  As I moved outside, I realized that I was really high up, like on a roller coaster.  As the boat began an incline, upward I immediately paniced because I was in a boat that wasn’t attached like a roller coaster and I wasn’t buckled in either.  I gripped the sides and looked over the edge to a pool that was very far below and saw black dots floating in the water.  I asked God what the black dots were, and he replied, “oh those are the people that didn’t make it.”  Just as he said those words I went careening over the top, and I knew that it would be certain death if I held on to that boat, and that the way to survive was to let go.  The next day the phrase “free falling ” came up four different times, validating for me personally that I had done the right thing.  I think sometimes we do hold onto to things that we think will protect us, but in the long run don’t offer us much at all.  As I start this new decade, I see constant reminders of this dream, and how the only approach for me is to let go of all those false structures that I thought would protect me and just free fall into something new and different…and it isn’t easy, seriously, remember my biggest concern at the beginning of the dream was that my clothes were getting wet.  Old structures are crumbling all around us, and it is time to move freely into the unknown…to resist ore hold onto to the past will surely cause our demise.  I for one, don’t want to be a black dot floating in the water.

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